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Specialized Programs

Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Alpha Court is both a Community Mental Health/Addictions and Non-Profit Housing provider.  The organization has 2 major areas of focus:  mental health/addictions and subsidized housing.  There is some overlap between the two divisions as 70% of our subsidized housing units are dedicated to persons with a mental illness/addictions who require supported living arrangements.  Alpha Court owns two apartment buildings with a total of 59 apartment units.  All the units are rent-geared-to-income (RGI) and the housing is permanent in nature for as long as the individual chooses to reside in his/her unit.  The remaining 30% of our housing is occupied by families, couples, single parents or persons with a physical disability.

The mental health/addictions division contains three separate programs – Community Mental Health and Addiction Services, Ooshke Bemahdesewin Program, and Rapid Response Outreach Services.  These are intensive community support services for adults with a serious mental illness and/or addiction.

Ooshke Bemahdesewin's Program provides services exclusively for Aboriginal adults.  The Rapid Response Outreach Program (R.R.O.S.) is mandated to provide services in two specific areas utilizing a brokerage case management approach.  The two areas include:

  ♦  Adult Mental Health and Addictions 

  ♦  Corrections - Probation and Parole/Thunder Bay Corrections Centre.





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